Monday, September 10, 2007

Bridesmaids dress hunting...

This past weekend was spent bridesmaids dress hunting with Chele.... and Peter. Yes, you read that right... Peter was involved as well. And we cannot thank him enough!! In addition to that, he also attended a Bridal Show with Chele and I. The Bridal Show was not impressive at all... in fact, it was downright sad. Another sad thing about the weekend was that I only happen to surf by the internet and found out that there was a National Bridal Show taking place this same weekend in Mississauga. That one appears to be more of a real "showcase" than the one Buffalo had (really, small regional, Buffalo city scale).

Bridesmaids dress hunting

You see green in the pictures above... and green is the color to our wedding. It is not Kermit the Frog green nor is it split pea soup green, we are looking at a rather subtle yet elegant green that is not too pastel. In short, we know it is somesort of a green hue with cream accents. All the green that we saw online were totally off once Chele and I saw it in real light. Different designers have different definition of greens (kiwi, pistachio, teal, celedon, meadow green, apple, spring green, aloe, mint, honeydew, eucalpytus, sage, jade, leaf, etc.) and to add to all that green business - there's the matter of fabric choice selection for the dresses. Are we going for Duchess Satin or Silk Shantung? What style should the dresses be? Is the bridal party seelcting their own dress style??! I need a drink!! Margaritas anyone? It's a greenish concoction!! :P


Jenna said...

I am in the Same boat. Please see You will see all the green dresses!

Joy said...

I feel your pain on the green...My wedding is in May and we're on the hunt for exactly the same with cream accents, but we're struggling to find the right green.