Friday, September 07, 2007

Belated birthday surprises!!

I have today off from work. I worked extra hours yesterday so that I could take Amelia to her driving test this morning. She passed and is a certified driver now!! Congrats Amelia!! Was updating my blog when the doorbell rang... it's the postman! He brought not only the mail but two packages for me!! I was expecting one particular package from Hong Kong... thanks for the major head's up Vivian (good thing I was home!!) but the other... who could it be from? It came from Singapore mailed by Amelia's dad - a belated birthday gift for me!! So, instead of celebrating Wojtek and Jason's birthday today... I am also celebrating my birthday once again!! Opening presents is fun!!

This is what I received......

IMG_0561 IMG_0566
My new red Venilla Suite -made in love shoes from Vivian!


The customs slip on the package indicated the content of the box as "shoes" and "card". Imagine my utmost surprise when I realize which pair of shoe it was. I can't believe you found those shoes Viv!!! I thought the shop burnt down or at least closed down from that emergency evacuation you mentioned. Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! I owe you BIG time for them. They fit perfectly and oh those cushion for my feet... what luxury!!! You're such a darling!! Okay... you know what this means... we are cousins of Becky Bloomwood from the Shopaholic series!! We are SHOECRAZED!! And for me... this past 2 weeks... I have accumulated 5 pairs of shoes!! Pete really must be working hard to get a big house with a big walk-in closet for me and my shoes!!

My new mp3 player...

The other package contained an mp3. It is a Samsung YP-K3QR, 2GB in Red. I love it!! Thank you so much Uncle Charles, Aunt Helen, Amelia and Samuel!! It's sooo small and slim!! And the best part is that it lights up in color, plays picture files and has an Fm Tuner FM radio. Now, I have to get Amelia to teach me how to use it!! I'm a bit lazy when it comes to reading the isntruction manual :P Thank you, THANK YOU so much for the gift Chan family!!!

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