Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Holiday season in America...

It is Tuesday, October 24th - Buffalo may have just survived the first snowstorm, but.. Daylights Savings does not end for another 5 days, Halloween is still one week away, Thanksgiving's a month away and Christmas... is still 2 months away!!

I saw my very first Christmas jingle/commercial/avertisement on TV today.This year, Lowe's beat Macy's & JCPennney's to it. You can find all your Christmas needs at Lowe's!! So the commercial portrays.

Anyways, what an early awakening it is for some of us that the holiday season is upon us and there's no shame in starting your shopping early!!

On another note, why is it that Halloween always gets semi-shadowed by Christmas?! I went out to the store looking at Halloween decorations and costumes and they are shoved to a little corner behind all the Christmas decorations!! Oh yeah... X'mas decorations and items have been on the shelves of all the stores begining late September. Imagine that!!!

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