Saturday, October 14, 2006

First snowfall & snowstorm in WNY

I left work on Thursday at 5.10pm, it took me 10 mins to clear snow off my car and 45 minutes to get home!! (It usually only takes me like 5 mins or 10 mins if I am in off work/home traffic) As i was about to pass the Sheridan-Hopkins-Evans intersection trafic lights... popped and fizzled the traffic lights went and I just went by under it. Got home... NO POWER!! This was at around 6pm.

Michele made it home about a quarter after 6pm - her journey home took an hour and a half. Brought out my skiing pants and all other winter clothes so that Michele and I can trudge through the snow to Wegmans... which was opened (they had a backup generator). This was about 7.30pm. Inside Wegmans, half lit... people were clearing out all the refrigerated items (meats, cheese, etc) to their generator operated freezer since they themselves have no idea when the power will be up and running again. If Wegmans' cleared part of their shelves and declared they were closing for that Thursday evening... the situation MUST be bad.

Woke up Friday morning, turned out the radio... looked outside... SNOW DAY on a Friday the 13th and in October nonetheless. Imagine that!! I have snow up to my knees... spent 3 hours yesterday morning (Friday) digging a pathway and the car out (in case we need it for an emergency). Tree limbs and tress fell down bringing out a lot of power lines. There was a driving ban, no electricity from Thursday at 6pm up to now, Saturday 11.25am. Phone lines are still pretty bad but improving.

Tips for surviving: Michele and I finished a bottle of champagne and went to bed under my goose down comforter (our life saver!!). We survived on bread, soda and alcoholic beverages... and a battery operated radio to hear updates and news from the outside world. Other than that.... thank goodness there's light and heat again in our life!!!

As we woke up this morning... it was still very cold!! It was low 30s... but it is now at low 40s. My back is aching from all the shovelling yesterday. Here are some pictures I took from the October Winter Blast!!


Friday the 13th morning

DSCN6391 DSCN6405
Before and after shot of an exit/entrace route is dug out...

DSCN6407 DSCN6404
Hard at work...

DSCN6408 DSCN6415 DSCN6416 DSCN6417
DSCN6420 DSCN6426 DSCN6427 DSCN6430

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