Sunday, October 29, 2006

Halloween Fun!

Halloween Party over at the boys' house...

P1020001 P1010995
So the story goes like this, a handsome guy was taking a break from all his programming work. So, off to a remote island he went. As he was strolling along the beach, he stumbled upon a lamp... trying to clear off sand from the lamp, poof!! A cloud of smoke formed and a lovely lady appeared. It was the love of his life... genie-ME!! And they lived happily ever after among great friends!! Corny, but cute, right?

P1020003 P1020043 P1020005 P1020041
P1020080 P1020062 P1020031
P1020022 P1020071
P1020079 P1020078
Boys will always be boys!!!

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