Sunday, April 09, 2006

K.I.S.S. Alert!!

What amusing news from home... the dilemma of public displays of affection a.k.a. PDA. To think that as we human race have progressed so much in every aspects of our llives - such trivial actions are picked on. It may be a cultural matter, but come on... there are other much more important matters such as cracking down illegal selling of drugs and substance, crime, more access to education, jobs for all, etc. than trying to monitor any affection a special someone is trying to demonstrate to their significant other.

To think that some government might even allude to fitting their policemen with stopwatches to time the duration of the act of PDA. How do they think to attempt to measure this PDA business? In the Indonesian article, "It was not clear if the guideline referred to an uninterrupted five-minute kiss."So if it is NOT an uninterrupted five-minutes kiss, does that mean it is an accumulated kiss that totals off to five minutes or which ever comes first?!? Boy, do we know how to spend our taxpayers' $money$!!

So much for young lovers hanging out by Gurney Drive after a night of hawker's delights nearby.... and what about those couples who rendezvou-ed in the evening on a bench under a tree overlooking the Penang bridge with their parked motorcycles or Kancil right by the coastal high way?! (*some of your know what I am really talking about here!)

I guess this means that when Peter (the tourist) and I do get home... no PDA of any sort for fear of being imprisoned by the Malaysian government!! So much for holding hands and looking left/right before crossing the road as well! :P


narfnarf said...

it's actually not quite the malaysian government or even some, but local authorities. government ministry has reaffirmed that local authorities have no right to carry out such laws, let alone decide what is 'morally approprite' and what is not. :o) hurray. but let's not count our chickens before they hatch, kan? we malaysians can be quite indecisive.

soleilina said...

that's a good one, Sher! that's why I want to get out of this effing place!