Saturday, April 22, 2006

King of late night talkshow.. Conan O'Brien

After cooking up two huge pots of curry chicken with Mardiana for a nasi lemak dinner over at Joe's place for almost 30 people... it was time to just chill. So,I hurried back to campus and met up with Trevor, Marcus and Bryan to see Conan O'Brien talk at Alumni Arena. He was the last speaker for this year UB's Distinguished Speaker Series. Not that huge of a fan of Conan, but he's alright. I'd much prefer Jay Leno and see him doing his Jaywalking segment. Funny Conan took questions from UB students and poked fun at Dennis Black, VP of Student Affairs who served as the moderator for questions. Gotta remmember this bit of him when I do take a class with him next year :P

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