Saturday, April 08, 2006

Best Buds... for life!

As of late... hectic school life has really gotten to my head!! Thank goodness for technology and the amazing power of SMS, Laurence & Nicholas has been on the other end of my SMS activities whenever I require a booster for the day. Consider them to be my distant support system to get me going for the day !(Not forgetting Pete & Chele who are here with me of course!)

Laurence... what can I say about him? Well, next to being the most gracious host while us girls were in Hawaii - he makes me laugh and listens to all my whinning of school, work and everyday happenings. If he were to describe himself... he would say that he is the Perfect Man!! ;P We have a running joke of running a pirate ship together!! He's the Captain of the ship who likes to loot and plunder; and have a good time in the process - what ever he means by that!!


As for Nicholas... he is one of my oldest friends.. we've known each other since we were fourteen.. so that's a decade plus there! It would be hard for me to imagine my high school years without Nicky. He has been the go-to friend, the shoulder for me to lean on, the support sytem I needed. He was and still is always there for me! He knows what works in teasing/picking on me - I let him do it for old time's sake!! Can't wait 'till we meet up again this summer!

Sher & Nicky (glasses) together with another dear friend of ours from high school, Jerrican.

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