Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL...

It's that big football game of the year.. SUPERBOWL Sunday!~ This year's superbowl game pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Piitsburgh Steelers. Not really rooting for any particular team this year. If I were to root for the Seahawks.. it would be for the QB Matt Hasselbeck (brother Tim who plays for the NY Giants and brother-in-law of Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the View) and, if I were to root for the Steelers... well... cause they are an east coast team?! Not that great of a reason(s) for my selection huh?!! Oh well.. may the best team win (Go Steelers!) and let the commercials pour in!!

*Meanwhile, poor Irvin forgot his and Cathy's 1st year anniversary... boy is he in a lotta trouble!

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