Saturday, February 25, 2006

I survived Harvard!~

So, I was a little quiet around posting things up this past week.. and as I have previously mentioned, I was just swamped with presentations. I did a run through of my presentation for the CIES conference in class on Wednesday... let's just say there's room for improvement on that one. I gotta make some changes to that one..lucky me I still have time for that.

And the clincher for last week's mad panic rush was presenting at the graduate student research conference at Harvard on Friday. I must admit, I was pretty intimidated by the fact that I had to present there. I left Buffalo Thursday afternoon and got into Boston during end of office rush at 5:00 pm. I did manage to lugg my overnight bag with me up on and down the very packed tube - the Subway. Met up with Kelvin and had a very nice and relaxing dinner at Penang restaurant. Was really craving for Char Hor Fun. Thanks so much for dinner and it was great to see you again!! Can't wait 'till your summer trip to WNY!~

My presentation session was scheduled for the first session - 9:30 a.m. and I am so glad that it was early in the day so that I can just go through and be done with it. Verdict.. according to my discussant (Harvard profeosr) and also from the feedback from other attendees to my session... they enjoyed my presentation very much. I presented on affirmative action policies and meritocracy in Malaysian higher education system. I did better than what I expected... in fact, I think I kicked butt!!~! :P I was just glad that it was over with... *phew....

Had the camera with me... was just too occupied with conference stuff... here are a couple of the pictures I took....

DSCN6840 DSCN6837

The conference was the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Student Research Conference and International Forum held in the Gutman Conference Center. Here's a picture of me and Joanne Hopper fom Central Michigan University and Patricia Seidler, alumnus for HGSE over lunch break.

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