Saturday, October 08, 2005

Girls day out...

It's been a while since Chele and I had a real girly-girly day... so after Wei Chien's short stopover (he drove from Phillie to spend UB's homecoming weekend with friends and to be at the Bill's game tomorrow) in the morning to pick up Wei Loon's laptop and golf bag... the two of us headed out for a little self-indulgence/pampering. 1st stop... nail salon. Scotty got me a gift certificate at one of his friend's salon and we decided to head there. Both Chele and I got french manicures done - thanks Scotty for the gift!!

Next, we headed to the mall... it's getting a wee bit crowdy in there seeing that the weather has officially started and remained cool, people are moving themselves indoors. The temperature these couple of days is about 40s. In addition to that, it's the Columbus weekend sale - so lotsa people at the mall. Did some shopping - got another pair of gauchos, sale at Victoria's Secrets, and a must stop at the Lancome booth at Kaufmann's. Free gift with purchase - yippie!

Starving at this point... lazy to cook - to the Old Country Buffet we went. It's one of the closest things by the mall without waiting for a table and our orders. Now that our tummy is filled, we moved on to out last stop, to the new renovated Chinese super-grocery store. I needed to stock up with "roti canai/prata" and some thai green curry paste.

When we finally got home... silly stuff we did... girly-silly I might add. Chele and I went through all our make-up kits and decided to go drastic-experimental on ourselves. We wanted to take a couple of snapshots of silly faces to put up on the wall and we did just that.

Chele & Sher being silly...

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