Thursday, September 01, 2005

Party in our townie...

Han Wei, Pete and I got back in Buffalo that same Friday the 26th... why the hurry right? Well, the girls and I are having a little party to celebrate our long awaited house warming (more like one year anniversary) of us in our townie, my birthday and a get together of close friends before fall term begins.

Dad & Mum made a picture collage of me filled with some baby & youngin' pictures. I shared Sharon's younger day picture on her birthday.. so I guess to be fair.. here's me sharing my pictures!

bday wish

My birthday morning was spend at BJs shopping for food for the party. We made sure that we were stocked up well for all our guests :) And here without much further ado.. are pictures from one great party!

DSCN5693 IMG_2980
On the left is a picture of the IA crew - Young Sang, Amy, Sherene & Tam. Wojtek is on his way to the party and Marie is at another party with Kenny. The picture on the right is Louis, Sherene and Kozy.

IMG_2983 IMG_2990 IMG_3038
Here's the birthday girl with Scottie (busy Scotty G. made time for Sher!) , Mary (doesn't she look gorgeous in that flower print dress?!) and Wojtek (he made it to the party!).

IMG_2992 IMG_2995
Tam and Chee Ming - whatcha drinking there CM? Right - Chele and Louis. In case you are wondering why Louis's arm is in a sling - he just had surgery done to it.

IMG_2996 IMG_3003 IMG_3006
Peter smiling about something... it had better be about me! *wink... Chele & Lori cuddling up and Han Wei being right at home with the crowd.

IMG_3012 IMG_3013
Left - Tam & Young Sang smiling at the camera. Right - the girls looking pretty as always!

IMG_3015 IMG_3017
Leslie made it to the party and this is when the party officially starts!~ Look at all the Penangites.. Leslie (SXI), Sherene(SGGS), Han Wei(PFS) & Sharon(SGGS). Sorry Han Wei, the Saints are really marching in to the party!!

IMG_3016 IMG_3007
Everyone just bring happy and merry.. and Sharon preparing more Sangria for us lot!

IMG_3018 IMG_3020
Cake time!~! Aren't I special with 2 cakes? Thanks to Chee Ming and the girls for the chocolate strawberrt layered cake and to the IA crew for the sugar icing chocolate cake! They were both delish! Cake+Girls+Camera=Picture perfect!!

IMG_3019 IMG_3030
I made my wish and blew out my candles.. wishes come true quick! Louis's birthday was next (it was yesterday on the 31st, which was also Independence day for Malaysia) so we had another round of birthday song singing and candles blowing out for him.

Group picture...

IMG_3046 IMG_3047
Matthew and Eric both made it to the party - they both drove down from Rochester. Paul (Matt's twin) couldn't make it to the party. He just returned from Spain the day before and is still recovering from jetlag. Until I see you next time Paul - can't wait to hear about all your adventures and rescue mission!

Nancy and Mario also made a drive to Buffalo to wish me a happy birthday! Sadly, they stayed for a short while since they both had to get up early on Sunday and so - to Rochester they had to drive back to.

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