Thursday, September 01, 2005

Han Wei @ RIT

Finally... an update of what has been going on with me since last week... well, after dance class on Thursday night... I rushed to Rochester to meet up with Han Wei. As I was driving towards Rochester, Pete and Nancy picked up Han Wei from the Rochester airport. I took Friday off (it was also the last Friday before Fall classes starts) to roam the RIT campus with Han Wei and to get his pre-orientation check in moving along. Thanks to Han Wei and his mom, Mrs. Chong for making me a container of home made "murukus". Next to seeing another familiar face from home... I also get to feast on a home treat :P

It was a beautiful day as we went about doing stuff at RIT... Han Wei complained that it was just as hot as Penang.. he wished that it would be a bit more cooler. Well, the temperature was in the low 90s and that indeed felt much like home to him. We got some shopping done and moved his stuff in to his dorm. Unfortunately for the time being, he has an overoccupied room - a double that is squeezing in 3 people. It's just a gonna be a bit tight in terms of elbow room for him and his roomates until the room freeze is over.

DSCN5677 DSCN5684
Here's Han Wei in his 10th floor room in Ellingson Hall. And there's Peter trying to help him set up his bunked bed. Watch your heads guys!~!

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