Monday, October 25, 2004

vOtiNg 101...

I got this from Michele and I think this is one version of what may be happening right now with the presidential elections. Click on the vOtiNg 101 or Dummy book and see what I mean by that!~!~ Enjoy... Posted by Hello

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terrette said...

This turned out to be very close to the concept of the Florida link at my site. Very funny, indeed.

Behind the humor, I'm sorry to say, is the fact that the Republican Party paid to have a private company purge voters from the voting rolls, most of whom where African-American or Latino (who vote Democratic as a large majority); that Katherine Harris, the official in charge of elections in Florida that year AND co-chair of Bush's campaign (yes, that sort of thing happens all over the place in the U.S.) oversaw the drawing up of a list of "felons" that included thousands of names of people who were not felons but who were likely to vote Democratic. The journalist who looked into these issues, Greg Palast, calculated that as many as 30,000 voters were disenfranchised through these two means alone, in a state where the vote was decided by a few hundred votes and subject to insufficient recounting.

So, I don't know. When I can no longer cry, I try to laugh. And then, later, I feel like crying again.

Anyhow, Cheers!