Saturday, October 09, 2004

haPPy hour... part dEuX...

so last night.... Friday.... Michele and I were at Crocodile bar for School of Informatics happy hour session.. its sokay I guess, but we only stayed there for a short while before we went across the street to McMonkeys to surprise Scottie.. luckily for us there was a live band playing that night called About Face and they were awesome!~ The girls were great and one of them played the saxophone ( 3 different kinds) and the flute and she blew us all away! Hurrah for About Face!!

As for me? I know Michele would not let me leave this down but let's say I survived the night!~!~Anyways, me changing the subject here... some dude tried propositioning me for a date or whatever else he had in mind. Thing is.. he's married.. with kids and has a girlfriend!~! Imagine that... the nerve of him to even suggest and tried to catch another girlfriend... ah yes.. whatever MOral Fiber he has.. or NONE!~!~ Posted by Hello

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