Saturday, September 04, 2004

to BE wiFi or NOt wiFi...

*sigh... and to think that wi-Fi is the new"IN" thing... apparently not so... I have to admit that I think it is great.. since I do not have cables running from room to room... but there are some strange things floating around that makes my wireless connection iffy about working right. Not only that... as of yesterday afternoon, Friday nonetheless... it stop working well. And so here I am, currently dependent on Michele and Sharon's PC & laptop to send this blog out... and this means... no pictures for now :( I'll huff and puff... plus we finally called and yelld at the Adelphia people... how is it that we are paying for the service but 85% of the time we have no internet connection... oh the inconveniences of life with no internet!~!~ ANyhoos... what have I been up to? Well... I survived the first week of classes but goodness... I am sooo behind on my readings already (will fill you all in on my next blog) .. lucky me we have Monday off for Labor day and it is also the tax free weekend which means...lotsa shopping. Speaking of shopping... we all just got back from a 5 hour total time at the Galleria mall. Okay... gonna go be a piggie and start munching again... write me y'all!~!~ muaks... Posted by Hello

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