Tuesday, September 21, 2004

...bZ Bz bEe...

OKay... so I got side tracked a little... not entirely my fault.. but I am sooooo swamped in readings!~!~! Here's a little quick run through of what I did last week, over the weekend and what is in stall for me this week... last week.. I struggled with readings... I did well... but could have done better... over the weekend... Michele, Sharon and I went with Nancy on the Collonial Belle up & down Erie Canal.. was a little chilly that day but getting in and out of the "lock" was good enought for three bored girls where 2 did NOT want to do their readings... My love Peter was still sniffling about here and there.. but he should be good by now... went out with some of his friends from RIT to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.. and hahahhaha... somewhere over WHAT rainbow??!~!~!~ SUnday... some shopping ... BIG time shopping at BJs... gotta stock up on them mini HOstess blueberry muffins and buffalo chicken tender strips... YUM!~!~ Then... its back to readings and classes for this week... sort of caught up for now... SORT OF!~!~ It's Gender week and I am required to attend some of session and write up a short report... went to a very interesting one today on Women as the Center of the NAtion in the Lakhota tribe.. Kudos to the speaker!~!~!~ This weekend... Michele and I were sooo planning on going to Boston this weekend where we may stop by Springfield, Mass and Kidnap Alex and whisk him to Boston... sadly, Michele has to work this Saturday.. imaigine that!~!~ , ANyways... Alex said he would be NJ early December and wonders if anyone of us here can be there to help him with work.. well... we are working on that!~!~ ALso, i missed this past weekend's big Austin Music Festival in where else...Austin, TX ofcourse.... :( OKay... you know what I am going to say now... its' back to readings!~!~!~ more updates... soon... fingers crossed... !~! *hint... you know that you lot can msg me or tag me on me tagboard... keep pestering me to update me blogs!~!~!~ *muaks.... Posted by Hello

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