Sunday, June 27, 2004

Shop 'til i drOp!~!~

What a day this has been! NOt really much of a shopper but, when you have to get stuff for your one year survival away from home... you sooo gotta get it done. I bought... well, i picked it out and dad bought (love you dad!) them. I went berzerk *spice hunting for them Maggi goodies and i got some coool souveniors for my peeps back in NY. Heheh... above from that... I ate... and ate and ATE!~!~

Coming from the PAtHLab lady who explained to me what my blood test results were... my Cholestrol level is HIGH!! I should "Cut down on Red meat...." Red meat?? RED MEAT?!?!! I don't EAT much or ANY red meat to begin with... not so much of a fan...though I have been gobbling down on seafood a plenty since i got back in Penang... then she goes on to say..."Cut down on seafood too" Icks!~!~ Is that possible to a true Penangite girl? *sigh... well all i can say to myself is... "I had better load up on them seafood before I leave this food haven!~!~" Only 5 more days and counting :( I was also told to exercise more... sheesh!~!~ That's gonna be a challenge for me... but I will try... yeah right.. what do you all think? *wink...

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