Saturday, June 26, 2004

piRacy & vips & VVIPs...

I ate a LOT today... really.. woke up, went to get my air tickets back to NY, went for dim sum.. less than 2 hours later... it was lunch... after that some shopping for things *pirated*.. hurrah for that... got back home around 6ish in the pm, cleaned and changed and off to another eating function... DINNER... only this one involves a lot of patience and we have to play the waiting game with the VIPS.

Come to think of it.. it is pretty sad to be sitting down by 7.30pm and wait until the arrival of the VVIPs until we get to nosh on something.. anything!~!~ What time did I finally get to apease myself over dinner??? 9PM!~!~! Aaaarrgghh... to all my close friends... you all know that starving Sherene is a NONO situation. Oh heck.. anyways.. sat through a heck lot of speeches and such a far spaced out dinner that i lost all appetite!~!~ But hey.. we managed to get out of that place by 11.45pm. Let's do a little math... 7.30 till 11.45 = 4 hours & 15mins. What kind of a DINNER was that!~!~~!

What now? Party with Shen & friends... at LUSH again trying to finish off whatever we had left over from last week.. heheh. Here's the list of the Peeps over there... ME ( ofcourse), Shen, Austin, Daniel, Chet, Nick, Shamini, Desi & Derek (he was here and there!) COol people all around and we had a not so great view of some "guy" shaking their so called "boOtY"!! ICK!~!~ Apart from that.. all was well and yeah.. that was the end of my last Saturday night back in Penang.

Okies.. this Princess is going to bed.. nights. To my dearest friend Clarissa, hAppY birthdaY!~!~!~!~ *muaks...

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