Thursday, June 24, 2004

Last weekend already?

Oh my gosh... how time flies!~!~ This will be my last weekend here in Penang. Aawww.... my summer is half gone already!! *'s back to work and school for me. I am gonna miss this place.. maybe not the weather so much (hurrah for AC).. but I get enough tan to last me through this winter.

What did I do today? I met up with Ayu and Ai Chun, did some errands at Komtar... such as finally mailing out my postcards!! About time too. More errands and hanging out at cool places... !thank goodness for AC! Then, we stopped by Han Liang's place to pester him :P

At this time, I should begin writing down a list of what I should do before I leave and what to get. Oh what joY!~!~ DVDs galore and more.. Okay, gotta go grab some munchies.. I may just have eaten dinner... but I believe it's supper time dee~!~!~ :D

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