Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Baby names...

I was browsing websites on baby names... although we already picked our baby girl's name. I know some of  you already know what it is... but we figure we'll keep the suspense and mystery for those of you who do not know just yet. And if we let it slip in one of the future posts... then you will know then!

The one website I came across is called BabyNameGenie. And the very first post from a reader was the following...

Judith in WI wrote:
 I really like the name Pickle. Can I have suggestions for a middle name? I am definitely naming my son Pickle, so only middle name suggestions please!

Response from Baby Name Genie:
 I hereby warn you that naming your baby boy Pickle would not be kosher. But since you are against canning it, I reluctantly offer you the middle name Dillon.

Pickle - Dillon as in 'Dill-in' - Pickle Dill-ing - get it ?!?  (Sher being silly here!)

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