Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mom's here!

My mother's in town... good thing the weather's holding up nicely too. She's been to WNY a couple of times.. but never this warm :P She's going to be here for about a month - between my place and Sharon. For the time being, she's mostly at Sharon's caring for her after her left foot surgery (nothing too serious!). She's been here for a week and a few days now and today, she flew to the west coast to the Grand Canyon State to Phoenix, AZ for a girls' weekend with Aunt Barbara. Have a great weekend mummy and we will see you next week!!

XoXoX - Sharon, Sherene & Peter.

With Mummy
Sherene & Mummy

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Ai Ling said...

hi, auntie! :)
you two look so much alike!