Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March Birthdays!!!

The month of March has plenty of birthdays as that of February... as that of every other months :P Here's a happy birthday wish greeting to...

Ashley Milizia (March 3rd)
Michele Tan (5th)
Alex Beasley (10th)
Trevor Torcello (10th)
Tam Nguyen (12th)
Ahmad Saleh (14th)
Jana Richtrova (15th)
Karyadi Kusumo (17th)
Steven Chandra (19th)
Mei Peng Cheong (19th)
Kerry Chan (20th)
Chi Yit Chew (23rd)
Yin Yin Yew (23rd)
Laurence Nash (24th)
Lynn May Ewe (25th)
Adrian Cheah (27th)
Esther Cheah (31st)

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