Sunday, March 11, 2007

The 300 (very buff and half-naked Spartans)

I was in Rochester at Pete's over the weekend and hung out with Weez and the Walter brothers over bottles of wine and accompaniments. Chele was in San Diego for worked therefore missing yet another Walter brothers activity. The following day (Sunday), Pete and I went to see the 300 - it's about 300 Spartan warriors fighting against Persian enemies.

I watch all kind of movies, but I don't really care for horror flicks because the "pyscho" sound effects just makes me annoyed rather than jumpy. Secondly, I am not one for being the first to the theatre to see real war movies. However, I do enjoy a great fighting/battle epic movie with all those guts and gore spilling out from every corner. I like seeing heads chopped off, blood splashing everywhere and this was a good movie in keeping me entertained and anticipating for the body part to be slashed off.
***gory Sher!!

The 300 was based on a graphic novel and the effects are amazing. To sum up the entire movie in a few words, fighting from the start to the end.
From my personal point of view... if you girls (and guys as well) want to see plenty of extremely buff built (6-packs, buns and all) semi-naked, diaper looking short shorts wearing; flowy, red cape wearing, sword & giant circular shield carrying and metal trojan/spartan helmet adorning their head = this is the movie to see! Let me re-emphasize the semi-nakedness of all the Spartan men!! And to quote King Leonidas, "This is SPARTA!!!"

I won't reveal too much more of the movie, you should go see it for yourself.

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