Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lotto Luck!!

EUGENE + + =

Michele's cousin Eugene is here in Buffalo from England to spend quality time with us lot this holiday season. So, the thing with new people visiting us - they are somewhat deemed lucky (Malaysian-Chinese thing!). Therefore, we think that if they were to buy a lotto (lottery) ticket, they may be lucky enough to hit the jackpot!! On our way home from dinner, I stopped by the gas station at the corner of our street to fuel up the car as well as urging Eugene to go buy a $1 dollar lotto ticket. He does not have to pick any numbers... I just told him for to get for $1 dollar - ask for Quick Pick (the machine automatically picks numbers for you).

Eugene enters the Sunoco store for a lotto ticket...

Eugene: Can I have a Quick Dip?
Store clerk: What?!?
Eugene: A lotto (British accent)
Store clerk: What??!!!
Eugene: A LOT-TOE (attempted Americanized pronunciation)
Store Clerk: (figured what Eugene wanted and went to get the Quick Pick)

* * *FYI... the QUICK PICK in the UK is known as the LUCKY DIP!

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