Thursday, December 15, 2005

Winter wonderland...

Just reached home... had to slowly trudged through the icy walkways, pavements and road to my car. Warmed up car, scrapped ice crystals off and drove home. Again, had to slowly waddle my way through icy pavements to my door step... arrived home safely. My weatherbug's been chirping.. and here's what it has to say...

Now through 07:00 PM EST December 15, 2005
The short term forecast for western New York. A mixed bag of precipitation will continue across the region into the evening hours. You may experience freezing rain, sleet, snow, and or rain, or a mix thereof. The precipitation may even change back and forth from one form to another. Snowfall at times may reduce visibility to 1/2 of a mile or less. Southerly winds of 15 to 25 mph, may cause some of the ice laden branches and wires to come down, so be on the alert. Any untreated surfaces are likely to be very slippery, so use extreme caution if you are out and about this evening and allow extra time to reach your destination.

Freezing rain and sleet this evening changing to all snow after 8pm. Snow and sleet accumulation 3 to 5 inches. Not as cold with lows in the upper 20s. Southeast winds 5 to 15
coming south 10 mph or less.

* * * * *

I'm not complaining here am I?!? Just stating the facts for you curios ones on what it's like living here in the northeast. I love the snow... really I do... just not the wind chill or ice. Other than that... grab those skiis & snowboarding boards and let's hit the slopes!!

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