Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Color Me...

The day after Christmas which is also Boxing day for everyone but the United States was spent at a pottery coloring place called Color Me Mine at Pittsford Plaza in Rochester. Nancy got all of us gift certificates to use there, it was also meant for all of us to do something together - except for Pete who chose to supervise instead.

DSCN6529 DSCN6531
Michele chose a chips & dip bowl which she painted mostly green with yellow flowers... Sharon took the longest of us all to finally select a flower vase and a design to paint. Of course, Pete helped to select the design.

DSCN6532 DSCN6536
Here is my finished product... I was the first to get things moving and needless to say, I was the first to complete my task. I opted for a simple, cute, colored watering can. Nancy painted a flowering pot that came with a vase. She painted grapes and grape vines on it.

DSCN6537 DSCN6535
Matt painted the largest object of all... a pillow shaped vase which he amazingly, the artist he is... made a beautiful landscape portrait. As for Mario, he did two smaller paintings. One on a ceramic tile and another, Donald Duck which you can see him diligently and carefully paint over. We don't get out finish product for another 10 days or so... will be posting the outcome of our craft work later then :)

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