Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Week 37 - Ultrasound

Here she is... soundly sleeping through her final ultrasound session from this morning. Her measurement is on track and she is a little over 5 pounds at this point. We are reverting back to my original due date of August 22nd. I was measuring smaller during the earlier ultrasound... but it's all within the week +/-.
Baby Milizia sleeps resting on her arm.
She has pretty much moved into position at -2 per my last obgyn appointment (last week). We will see what her progress in terms of position is at this week's appointment - I am going weekly now. Last appointment, the doctor said to start packing up my hospital bag and be on standby. Come tomorrow, I am at full term. Peter have been busy slowly setting up the nursery and I really gotta start laundering all of Emma's bedding, clothing, etc.

Look at those pouty lips :P

Monday, July 02, 2012

32 weeks Ultrasound

We had another ultrasound appointment this morning to see how Baby Milizia is measuring and where she positioned. She is at 40% growth - we are on super on track and she is presented head down already. Those bumps Peter and I feel on my right side of the belly is her feet! When she stretches her legs, it's been her foot/feet pushing out the bump on the side of my belly. Here are some 3D and 4D pictures from this morning's session.

Profile of Baby Milizia's face
Side profile
4D picture of Baby Milizia's face
You can see Baby Milizia holding on to her wrist