Monday, February 27, 2012

A new chapter...

A new year, a new (to-be-frequently-updated) blog and here's to a new chapter for us... 

We have yet to officially share with everyone of our news... but we are keeping it to just family and close friends at this time (so no facebook comments at this time please :P) But feel free to comments on the posts on this blog, the tag comments box on the left side of this blog and/or email us at

We are expecting!!

We found out right after Christmas... talk about a wonderful Christmas present for the both of us. Over Christmas eve and Christmas day - Sherene was just feeling very tired. We were hanging out with family and the cousins were joking around and as Sherene sat there... she was fighting fatigue and trying to stay awake. Christmas eve - Sherene slept early, Christmas morning, she slept some more, after Christmas luncheon - she went back to bed!

So on boxing day, Sherene took a home pregnancy test and the two lines appeared. Wheee... we kept our little happy secret and tried the test again the next day and still yielded the same results. Sherene called her doctor and immediately scheduled for the next available appointment so we can get some real medical confirmation. 

We told our family come new years and have been super excited since!

On Sherene's week 9-10 of pregnancy, we got our first ultrasound pictures of Baby Milizia - see picture below... baby is upside down and since this ultrasound was taken... we both dubbed Baby Milizia as Baby Sotong (sotong translates to squid from Hokkien/Malay). It looked quite the little sotong to us with little legs wavering in the womb. LOL!

Sherene's been feeling good for the most of her first trimester... morning sickness is very minimal. She needs to learn to eat and chew slower than normal - the Penangite in her is really stubborn when eating since she can slurp down her noodles fast and just finish her plate whenever she is hungry! Her digestive systems runs slower these days and those are the uncomfortable times she experiences which triggers bouts of nausea. 

Week 13-14 of the pregnancy, the day before Valentine's day (what a Valentine gift this was!) - we got out first 3-D ultrasound of Baby Sotong - and sotong it was no more....  see pictures below...

The final ultrasound you can see Baby Milizia actually has one arm up as if to wave hi to the world!!

We are both very happy to share this happy new with you and we will continue to update as we learn more about baby. Baby Milizia is due to arrive at the end of August - right around Sherene's birthday.

As of now... we are taking bets for the baby's gender :P ...  we should be able to find out on our next ultrasound visit at the end of March. Sherene made it a point to let everyone know that as the baby mama who is carrying the baby - she gets 10% of the winning!! LOL!!

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