Sunday, July 18, 2010

Neighborhood Block Party

This weekend, our street hosted our first annual block party and what a party it was. We have no idea how we are all going to top it next year. Everyone pitched in and made it such a wonderful event and both the adults and kids had tremendous fun.

There were face painting and parade of decorated bicycles/tricycles, three-legged races, obstacle courses, water balloon tosses, whiffleball, throwing pie in face at Dads and pinata! We even had an outdoor screen made and set up for movie later in the evening.

During the parade of decorated bikes... we had a fireman came in his fire department's SUV with his lights all turned on leading the kids parade. This was then followed by an appearance of a policewoman from our town's police department. The kids and adults were all amazed when she pulled out her AK-47 for show and tell and more. The kids all enjoyed being in the back of the police car but, hey - no one had better be looking forward to it in real life! :P

The biggest surprise was when our fireman returned not in his fire department's SUV but with the fire engine. Not only did everyone get to hop on to the fire engine we all got treated to a ride up in the ''ladder-basket"! Such fun!!

What else is there to say but... we love our street!

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