Tuesday, March 31, 2009

zoom Zoom ZOOM!!

It’s official… I have my new ride… and a zoom Zoom ZOOMING I will get to do! Thanks to husband who took a somewhat extended lunch time today to go to the dealer, work out the deal and did all the paperwork! As he put it, this going to be like an early anniversary present to me us ME!

I love, LOVE it and I cannot wait to go pick it up tomorrow!

Here's a preview of the car...

2010 Mazda3

It's smiling at me!! :P

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Under the weather...

Caught a cold over the weekend... on top of that, all the anti-histamine I have been loading up on each day is really wearing me down. I have been getting these itchy red blotches all over my body each day late afternoon for the past 8-9 weeks and Benadryl has been my temporarily relief and comfort. While it totally knocks me out each night and then me waking up feeling groggy all day - that's better than me scratching the living daylights out of my own self.

I could not take any cold meds over the weekend since I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday - have to be 'drug' free for tests to be done. It was also the earliest doctor's appointment date I could secure!! What do I have? Absolutely no idea - and as the allergist said... "I see this in healthy women - I can definitely rule out food allergies and therefore what you have may be idiopathic."

Idiopathic = arising spontaneously or from an obscure or unknown cause.

GREAT! Even she has no idea what the cause is!! :(

I had to have some blood drawn for tests and they took a lot of blood!!! If you don't already know, I am terrified of all things medical and dental! Thank goodness husband was there with me for moral support! The kind nurse started on my left arm - band tied over arm, squeeze ball in hand, alcohol swabbed, vein found, needle in, now waiting for Sher's precious blood... nothing! "Hmmm... it appears you are dry on your left side." Is that good? Bad? Fine?!! "Let's do the other arm then!" Icks! I am punctured on the left arm and there was nothing to be drawn... okay.. no panicky... same little feeling of a slight prick. Band tied over right arm, squeeze ball in hand, vein found, needle in. OOwwww!!!! She missed the alcohol swab part!! Okay.. blood flowing this time and I was just counting down the seconds for it to be over only to realize there were 3 other vials to be filled and they are in different sizes.

There are reasons why I do not and can not donate blood... and I really should (give me some more time to warm up to them needles!)
1. My fear of needles.
2. Underweight - therefore making me ineligible ( I tried before!)
3. I come from a country where there is Malaria. Conditions are to wait 3 years after living in a country or countries where Malaria is found and/or wait 12 months after returning from a trip to an area where malaria is found .
4. My fear of needles!

Anyway... I am still awaiting to hear the results to all the blood tests they are doing. They are testing for everything. Until then, I have been presribed Zyrtek which is also an anti-histamine but one that would not knock me out as fast as Benadryl. Even so on day #2 of taking this Zyrtek - I do feel somewhat drowsy! But guess what.. no more hives and itching last night. Whoohoo... even if I was - I was too knackered out from the meds to realize anything since I literally passed out after dinner.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bye bye Cougar...

SOLD! The time has come when I say farewell to my baby Cougar... no more zoom-zooming in it but the new owner will!

Bye bye baby...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's official... we will be moving! Fact of the matter is that the three of us, have totally outgrown this cosy townhouse. Peter and I have found this amazing 3 bedroom 2 bath ranch with an attached 2 car garage that is in the same neighborhood and we are moving in early May.

The Milizia's on the Move

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ivan's Birthday

Ivan Cheng

Many happy returns of the day
and a

Friday, March 13, 2009

Punam Bean: Finding Dreams

Of all the blogs I follow... several I am devoted too... one of them is from my amazing wedding photographer Punam Bean.

Punam Bean

Punam documents and shares with future and past clients, and readers; wonderful pictures and moments she captures and also pieces of her life with her talented musician husband Andy Bean of The Two Men Gentlemen Band.

Her recent post is on her journey of how she came to be a wedding photographer, her love for her Husbone and her passion in capturing special moments of ordinary couples such Peter and myself.

Wedding Pictorials

Punam has a way with words and I love reading her posts - it's always hearfelt and not only do I get inspired about life and love - I get a dreamy, lovey feeling after reading it.

To read her post on how she became a wedding photographer... CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Wedding (Part deux) by Whizarts Wedding Photography

We finally (thank you Raymond for lugging it back to NY) received all the pictures from our Penang wedding celebration... photo albums and prints from the bridal studio and all our pictures & this slide show from Ke Wynn. Enjoy...

Monday, March 09, 2009

Anniversary wishes...

My creation

Dearest Jerry & Andrea...
We wish you both a happy anniversary
and heartfelt wishes
for joyful happiness and love
in everything you do!
with love,
Sherene & Peter

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chele's Birthday

A day of birthdays...


Many happy returns of the day
and a
Happy Birthday to you Michele!!

lots of love,
Sher & Pete

* * * * *
Birthday wishes goes out to Joe Milizia as well as he celebrates his birthday on this special day!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Mary Anne & Dan's Wedding

Peter and I were in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend to attend Mare (Peter's cousin) and Dan's wedding on board Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas.

Sher & Pete

Here we are all dressed for the wedding. We boarded the ship as non-cruising visitors. Mom, Aunt Julie (Mare's mother), Aunt Mandy & Uncle Phillip all went along for the cruise as with some of Dan's family members and friends. If only Peter and I had some vacation days to tag along the cruise to the Carribean! :P

Legan-Zottoli Wedding
Legan/Zottoli Wedding

Mary Anne & Daniel Zottoli
Congratulations Mare & Dan on tying the knot!

We wish you much happiness and joy as you begin your life as husband and wife.


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