Friday, March 13, 2009

Punam Bean: Finding Dreams

Of all the blogs I follow... several I am devoted too... one of them is from my amazing wedding photographer Punam Bean.

Punam Bean

Punam documents and shares with future and past clients, and readers; wonderful pictures and moments she captures and also pieces of her life with her talented musician husband Andy Bean of The Two Men Gentlemen Band.

Her recent post is on her journey of how she came to be a wedding photographer, her love for her Husbone and her passion in capturing special moments of ordinary couples such Peter and myself.

Wedding Pictorials

Punam has a way with words and I love reading her posts - it's always hearfelt and not only do I get inspired about life and love - I get a dreamy, lovey feeling after reading it.

To read her post on how she became a wedding photographer... CLICK HERE!

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