Sunday, November 29, 2009

O' Christmas tree... o' christmas tree...

I was really excited waking up on Saturday... Peter and I, together with our friends Bethany & Binh were going Christmas tree picking. It would be our very first real, live Christmas tree together. No more 'tagging' on our parents tree or trees (sometimes Dad@Mario was not happy with the first tree he went out and got another). There are several Christmas tree farms nearby where we live as well as farm markets selling pre-cut trees. Husband passed on the idea of us cutting down our own tree so we headed to the farm markets instead of the farm :) We found our perfect tree at Spoth's Farm Market.

Growing up, one of Peter's favorite Christmas tree are the white pines - with its soft non-prickly needles. Over the years, white pine does not come about as plenty as the other trees but what luck when we saw several of them at Spoth's. It was the perfect tree and we managed to fit it into Pete's Honda and brought it home. Peter tended to our tree instantly to get it to start 'drinking' before we moved it into our living room.

Our Christmas Tree

We also bought a mixed green wreath which we decorated with some festive looking ribbon and then it was setting the Christmas tree up and decorating. Tree trimming was fun - we looked at our small collection of future heirlooms and could not help but to think ahead to the many ornaments which we would be accumulating in the near future. One for each year and so on... we left room for Pete's ornaments growing up which his late Grandma Milizia handmade. We have to retrieve them from Mom@Nancy & Dad@Mario's place and we also left some ornaments aside for Sharon to put on when she gets in town for her winter holidays.

O tannebaum, o tannenbaum...

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