Thursday, August 06, 2009

When in Vegas...

It's been a very, VERY hectic August! Since leaving for Vegas at the end of July - we came back to Buffalo on August 4th. We all got some tan and Sharon came back with us to spend a little over a week before heading back to Indianapolis.

The trip to Vegas was filled with much walking and sightseeing and did I mention PLENTY of Mr. Sun. The weather averaged around 110 degrees fahrenheit and nights were around 100 degrees. We did have an evening or two when it dipped as low as 98 degrees.

We all got to see Dad who was really busy with the Malaysian bowling team. What ever time we can squeeze in with him - we did.

Viva Las Vegas

We got to see an old friend from college, Danny Png whom I have not seen since I left for NY. We were all very gracious to have him as a 'tourguide'.

Viva Las Vegas

In between seeing dad and hanging around the Vegas strip - we headed north to see the Jacob family. It was a relaxing Saturday and seeing baby Drew and playing with Alyssa indoors from the heat outside was heavenly! (*see next posting.)

Casinos are definitely everywhere and anywhere in sight - gamblers we were all not but good restaurants we enjoyed! Here are pictures from the trip... they will speak for themselves :)

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