Monday, July 20, 2009

Harry Potter@ Transit Drive-In Theater

In between our excursion stops, we spent some chill time at Jess & Derik's - right before we headed to our final stop which is to see Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince at the transit Drive-In. In continuation of our eating itinerary, we prepared and cooked up a nice gourmet meal for dinner from the produce and fresh seafood we bought at the farmer's market. We had a short stop at our place right before we headed to the movies to pick up more supplies - chairs, peanuts, wine, etc.

Gourmet Dinner@Drive-In Theater
Suet Ling, Gordon, Sher & Jess ready to dig into their collaborative cooked gourmet dinner.

Gourmet Dinner@Drive-In Theater
We made shrimp scampi cooked in butter and dry vermouth with garlic and thyme accompanied with grilled asparagus and griled vegetables with Italian seasoning.

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