Friday, June 19, 2009

Baking for charity

Tomorrow is my office's charity bake sale. We are selling baked goods at the North Tonawanda Farmer's Market come rain or shine (it's supposed to be a wet rainy day tomorrow) and all proceeds go to Share Our Strength's Great American Bake Sale. I whipped up several treats for the sale - marble rice krispie treats and a double chocolate chocolate chip cupcake.

Baking 101

Kitchen counter all set for our baking session... Lori is my baker's assistant extraordinare.

Baking 101
Lori caught this of me all ready with my loyal spatula and husband busy doing work on his PC in the background.

Cupcake inspiration -

Final product(s)...
Baking 101

This cupcake was supposed to resemble Cookie Monster, but this time round - my cupcake batter turned out much more "fluffier" than I anticipated and it was a lot of work trying to get frosting onto the cupcake. Should have gone with my usual muffin/cake batter. Big thanks to Lori for getting frosting over those cupcakes and a real blue monster finally emerged.

Baking 101

It may not have been Cookie Monster from Sesame Street, but it was still a Cupcake Monster :P


Andy Kow said...

loll, yup not perfect but cute! btw, i like the kitchen with the table top and all, why don't they have that std in M'sia.

**Sherene** said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Will make sure my future Cupcake Monsters really evolve to be the real Cookie Monsters.

You mean my kitchen counter/island? They have it back in Penang... my gf's home has it too :P It's just a matter of creative 'architecturing' :P