Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day weekend

This year's Valentine's day was bittersweet... after dropping off Joanna's car in NJ (to be shipped back to Poland) - we headed over to Claire & Dan's. Valentine's day pre-dinner snack session was a great temporary distraction for our hungry tummies and playing catch up as you can from the picture below :P

Valentine's Day weekend 2009

Dinner was delish at a nice Italian restaurant around the corner and the walk back home was equally enjoyable - we ate a lot with rounds of dessert, so the walk was definitely a must! A game of Monopoly where the Dan & Claire team totally bankrupt us by a huge margin proved they are so meant together - what a team to beat! Note to self and husband... we must challenge them again and claim our dignity back :P

The evening ended with a few drops of tears from Joanna as we presented her with her going away present. A few more hours with our Polish princess before she heads back home. We miss you dearly already....

The next morning was another tummy fulfilling one with Dim Sum in Flushing - what are we to do but stuff ourselves again as you can see from the pictures below...

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To Claire and Dan, thank you for the hospitality as always and congratulations to you both on this coming special Wednesday - we will celebrate more later. Have an amazing getaway and we cannot wait to hear more about it and see pictures!! XoXoX

Joanna... we miss you so much already. Have a safe flight home and we hope to see you real soon!! XoXoX

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