Thursday, November 06, 2008

Hong Kong - November 2008

Leaving Guangzhou by train to Hong Kong was the most anticipated moment of my almost three weeks journey through Korea & China. Still a bit under the weather from the goodness knows what kind of bug I caught when I was in Guangzhou, I was really so super looking forward to getting into Hong Kong only this time, by train. The KCR East Railway train was nice and pleasant - thanks to Ivan for advising me to take the ones managed by HK :P

I arrived in Hung Hom station in Kowloon safely and uneventful, hailed a taxi, got myself to Viv and Ivan's place in Tiu Keng Leng, met Ivan and their apartment's lobby to have him greet me with a... "Your [bags] smell like China!". I was happy nonetheless to be in the company of my HK family!!

Hong Kong - November 2008

Ivan has always been a gracious host... he bought me lunch(snack), this yummy bun which I gobbled up quickly and made me his concoction of orange and grape juice = orange-ape?! It's really good!!

With my girls... Nov 08

With my girls... Viv & Cat painting the town red while celebrating a weekend and more of Cat's birthday!

Hong Kong - November 2008

We also met up with Khai Jing and Doris over afternoon tea... aren't they a cute couple? Doris was really nice to spend a whole afternoon with me shopping around Mongkok area. Will see you two soon in December!

Here's the rest of the pictures from my camera... with a lot of birthday celebration going on and amazing rooftop views of Hong Kong Island and its colorful city skyline.

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