Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Touch down in Seoul

Wednesday, October 15th
8:15 pm
Lotte Hotel Seoul

I arrived in Seoul okay... my Korean is NOT great at all next to saying hello and ordering what I would like to eat and that's about it.

A recap on my flights.... the worst leg was from Buffalo to Chicago. Talk about starting out bad... some DUMDUM spilled... no DUMP all his coffee on my lap! I was sleeping... and I YELPED and jumped out of my seat from his hot coffee... no change of pants (was so not thinking of having coffee dumped on me). The best part... the guy WAS NOT apologetic OFF the bat... I looked at him as he was wiping away his spilled coffee on his little tray thingy... then a soft sorry came out some 10 seconds later!! I was wearing one of those soft track pants thats totally ruined... with a humongous coffee stain which I attempted to rub out with club soda. No connecting airports... Chicago nor San Fancisco sells any pants of any kind... just tonnes of T-shirts. To hide the stain - I wrapped my red jacket around the "bad area". Talk about starting off great on my flight right?

The rest of the flight was pleasant... it was an 80 minutes ride from the airport to hotel. Some dignitary or minister or someone important from Mongolia is staying here for a meeting.. so very cool. They have no rooms for me with any great internet connection and SMOKING only... so i had them upgrade me since I initally booked and requested for non-smoking :P

I have had MANY people talk to me in Korean... talking about fitting in and all asians look alike. Hehehe....

View from my hotel of downtown Seoul

That's not mist or fog... its POLLUTION!

My hotel is situated close to the Myeongdong shopping district so I took a stroll around there after having an authentic Korean dinner of Soon Doo Boo in this little eatery located between a couple of small lanes filled with restaurants and bars that's just a short walk across from the hotel.

Little alley ways...

My soon doo boo dinner with yummy accompanying side dishes!

Tomorrow is a rest day for me before work officially kicks in... so I am joining a full day tour around Seoul. Updates to be continued...

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