Monday, June 02, 2008

In D.C.

This past week I was in Washington DC attending a work related conference - and in the very few and spare moments I had, I was able to meet up with Lauren who had recently moved to the city to start a new chpater in her life. In between job interviews, Lauren managed to share some free time and brought my co-worker Raymond, another friend Jill and I to an amazing food joint. She brought us to Teaism - a tea house and restaurant which I am so in love with!! I enjoyed the bowl of Salmon Ochazuke so very much and am craving for it! They also sell a very yummy salt-oat cookie... yumMm!

As of this morning, I received an sms from Lauren that she had received a job offer from one of the interviews she had last week. Congratulations Lauren!! I am so excited for her! Lauren's goal is to get a federal job, thus the move to DC. I hope this new job offer will open many, many doors for her to reach her goal. I was also able to meet up with another friend Jeff who works with the Feds. And introducing Lauren and Jeff was a great idea - this way, when Lauren needs advice about securing a federal job or some advice, she has someone who knows what is going on.

DC in May 2008
Lauren by her apartment/condo complex in DC.

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