Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Andrea & Jerry's Wedding

After getting stuck in a snow bank, a painful, sleek thruway drive to Rochester and a torrential downpour roadtrip to the city - Peter and I arrived safely and in one piece and very excited to see Jerry & Andrea as they celebrate their union to each other. The wedding ceremony took place at Saint Ann's Church in Nyack, NY followed by cocktails and the reception at the Glen Island Harbour Club in New Rochelle, NY.

We were happy to see Jerry's parents, Roger & Fifie Dejean again and first time meeting Andrea's parents, the Herreras' and the rest of the family members and friends. One of the bridesmaid's was Anna, whom I have not seen since our undergraduate years. Anna flew in from London for the wedding. I met Anna through Jerry and Andrea. Jerry's one of my oldest friend since I arrived in NY and he's the sweetest, most darling friend ever! :P

Andrea & Jerry's Wedding
Congratulations to Andrea & Jerry... the new Mr. & Mrs. Dejean.

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At the reception, one of Jerry's long time friend Chris serenaded the newlyweds with a song... I managed to capture most of the song with my point&shoot camera but you can't see Chris's face. However, you can hear him sing crystal clear and what an amazing voice he has!! If he has an album/single out... I am buying it!! Check his singing out....

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