Thursday, November 08, 2007

Emails GONE! :(

I lost all my emails ( account) in my Outlook Express Inbox!! Somehow, after a really short blackout, more of a resetting in the power supply of our townhouse... my PC rebooted itself and lost all old emails! The most recent emails I have left in the inbox is dated January 22, 2006. AaacckkK!!! Some of you must be like... "Sher, did you backup?!" To which I would reply.... "Eerr... NO!" GUILTY!!

I had in the past moved emails which I have read to their respective categorized folders... the organizer I am. But lately, or to be precise... as of January 22nd, 2006 I had been really bad in moving my read emails to their respective folders. Serves me right, right?! I know for a fact that the chances of me revisiting old emails are slim.... however, there are days when I just want to go back and refer to (eg: papers, articles, picture attachments, etc.) them. There must have been a reason I saved them instead of instantly deleting upon reading!

*sigh.... okay Outlook Express, let's start a new.... starting from today. After reading each incoming email, I pledge to move selected emails to their respective folders and to delete and expunge all other not-for-keeps emails.

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