Sunday, April 22, 2007

Turtle tales.. the BAO-Turtle family

Michele and I got pet turtles... a family of three baby red-eared slider turtles. Thanks to Bethany for getting them for us!! Before arriving at their new home, Chele and I were trying to name them and since Bethany didn't know what gender they were... we came up with the BAO Turtle family. We named all three turtles a particular BAO (bun), like the ones you get at Dim Sum places. And NO we are NOT considering them as food... but we thought it was cute!!

Therefore, let me introduce you to them.... (picture was captured as we let the Baos' explore our little garden)

Turtle tales... Turtle tales...
Ling-Yong (mung bean) Bao-Turtle and Char-Siew (sweet bbq pork) Bao-Turtle

Turtle tales... Turtle tales...
And the smallest in the family, Tau-Sar (red bean) Bao-Turtle

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