Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Of neanderthals and the MP President

While the loser of the Penang Municipal Council President may have finally caved in and apologizes to the victim as well as to the community, I do not think that this clown really meant that he is truly sorry.

Of course, he blames it on misunderstanding!! Why, anything and everything can be pinned as a misunderstanding... even if one were to accidentally stab someone in the chest... Oh, that is one misunderstanding!! In that case, all murder, homicide trials will be in jeopardy seeing that the so-called crimes are pure misunderstanding! So much for accepting responsibilities you ding-dong!!

Does he really mean it?
I don't think so!!

Imagine if someone in the clown's family were to have been victimised sexually for appearing too pretty in the face? Then what?!! It's her fault that her face appear so cute and pretty? Maybe she should have been burka-ed or hey, it's okay Mr. At-Fault... I know what you did to my familly member was just a misunderstanding. We are man... like our ancestors, we are neanderthals, we see meat lying around, we eat meat!! It's not our fault that fresh meat are lying in the mid of nowhere and expect NOT to be eaten!!

So much for progressive thinking and did we not just took a giant leap backwards for the community and mankind?!

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