Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chele come back soon!

Come back soon Chele!! It's been lonely without you... I spent the entire Labor Day weekend doing absolutely nothing! The weather wasn't much to shout about either with dark gloomy rain clouds.

Hope all is well with you in China, write me for god's sake... you do after all have a blackberry with you!! Don't go to weird ATMs and withdraw money, dump those "problematic" individuals and head out for a great time! Not so sure about guy prospects there.. but if someone's buying dinner.. go for it!! (*yeah, right!!)

When you come back, we gotta plan on a bachelorette party... its off to the Falls with a future bride-to-be and to see some dudes a-strippin'! Whooohooo!!
The girls sends their - so does Mary,Yan, Pete and your best house-pal, Sher!

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