Thursday, August 03, 2006

LIVE from Hong Kong: Typhoon Prapiroon Update

Our wireless connection decided to stop working and we are unable to find an ethernet jack. Alas, Pete and I resorted to accessing the web via the free internet kiosk at HKIA (Hong Kong International Airport).

Many travellers flying out of HK since this afternoon (including us) have been stranded in HKIA following typhoon Prapiroon's surprised change of path towards HK. The airport has been closed since sometime around 5 p.m. and there are many disgruntled individuals that you can only observe, smile, and laugh at.

Pete and I have secured blankets from the airline for our "camp-out" in the airport (there are no airtels in this airport!), HKD75 per person for meals, water bottles and HKD500 per person for any inconvenience caused. No one knows exactly when they are flying out of HK until tomorrow (Aug. 4th) morning.

'Till then... wish us luck and goodnight in your comfortable, fluffy, warm beds.

much love,
Sher & Pete

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