Monday, July 03, 2006

Bukit Gedung Pasar Malam Fare...

For as long as I remember living in this house, there is a pasar malam every Monday night. The pasar malam or night market takes place on road right in front of my house. It's Pete's first pasar malam fare (we missed it the last time he was in Penang, since we were away) and I let him try some of my favorite local dishes.
pasar malam food...

DSCN8137 DSCN8136
Potato Samosas & Pasembor

DSCN8135 DSCN8133
Roti Jala & Steamed lady's fingers

DSCN8128 DSCN8123
Rose syrup with little frog's eyes looking seed... when you bite into them, they give a little crunch. As for the pasembor, I always make sure that mine consists of potatoes, 'taukua' (beancurd/firm tofu), shrimp/peanut fritters, hard boiled egg and squid.

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