Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Baby Cougar strucked!!

It's about 7.10 p.m., I just got out of class... walked Mary to the bus stop and I went along my way to Jacob's 'A' - faculty parking lot to my car. It was already dark and the street lights were on and there sat on the third row of the semi-filled lot was my white & gleaming baby Cougar. I just had it washed yesterday.. getting rid of all that salt from the snow.

As I got closer... my Baby looked a bit odd.. something was out of place... something was not right...

There was a note sticking to my windshield wipers from the University Police and a little handwritten section that read,
" Your vehicle was struck by another vehicle call ###-@@@@ for info!"

I think with my front bumper not being attached to the body of my car was obvious enough that someone or something struck it!! The person who struck my car called campus police and reported everything, a witness was there too, so thank goodness for civic minded people.

I was in class.. so I had no clue this was all going on. They tried calling me on my cell and at work... thanks to Amy who was still in the office and tried to get a hold of me!!

Chele was at the gym, so I called Sharon over with the camera to take plenty of pictures. I packed shoved stored the front bumper in the trunk of my car with Sharon's help and then attempted to drive home. Byes to my dear sister Sharon... so off I go... driving home.

Needless to say, I did not get far.. at all... after like a few hundred meters... I did not make it out of campus at all, loud weird noises can be heard and driving the condition was flappy / bumpy?! Hazard lights turned on and I pulled over... not a flat tire but some parts from the left-over front bumper is flapping wildly against the undercarriage of baby Cougar.

This time I called AAA to come and tow it to a fix-it shop and called Chele to come and get me.

Mr. AAA - our savior for the night was a very pleasant guy... we didn't have to wait long... say about... 10-15 minutes. We trailed behind him with Baby Cougar in tow to a fix-it shop. Notice.. yours truly still very active in her photo-snapping moments.

Baby Cougar being lowered back on the ground... and here's a shot of the front of the car.. minus the front bumper.

Oh, look... I need to refill my windshield-wiper fluids soon, can you see it? It's getting low.... and doesn't my car look so... eer... naked without its little front bumper on?! Will get to the fix-it shop early tomorrow to fill whatever paperwork that needs to be done and give them the official nod in mending my Baby. Not to mention, gotta get a rental car from them to get myself to and from work.

*sigh.. the hassle of calling here and there, towing, fixing, repairing, car rental, etc... just the plain inconvenience of it all. But most important of all, no one was hurt.

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