Wednesday, November 10, 2004

cooL packaging...

I was running around today from one Target to another Target store bearing in mind that maybe... all you gamers would go to the BIG retail electronic store to get them games.. but NO!~!~ All the Target stores were out of the version of HALO 2 which Pete prefered to have. So, I ended up buying and returning the regular HALO 2 and ended up at the Best Buy store by Niagara Falls boulevard to get the right edition. And at this store, they stil have a a few of them lurking around. Well.. at least a nice, cute enough young college looking employee was helping me out. I was too lazy running to the back of the store to get it. How pathetic was I !~!~ So lovie... its OFFICIAL.. got them HALO 2 - collectors edition for you... enjoY!~!~ *muaks... now don't play too hard and forget about me!~!~ Posted by Hello

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