Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's days with lilacs...

Mother's day was celebrated at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY.
DSCN7623 DSCN7624
The three moms at the Lilac Festival.... Mardiana, Mary and Nancy.
Happy Mother's day to you!
Not forgetting, to Mummy back home in Penang... Happy Mother's day! :D

DSCN7614 DSCN7595 DSCN7590 DSCN7576
At the Lilac Festival...
DSCN7621 DSCN7571 DSCN7608 DSCN7579

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Congratulations graduates...

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Graduation Ceremony
DSCN7555 DSCN7549
Congratulations to Emre and Tam (Summa cum laude), both graduating with honors. Best of luck to you both as you move on with your graduate studies.

DSCN7559 DSCN7556
Congratulations and best of luck to Wnyx!! We're gonna miss you!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mary's graduation...

I first met Mary in one of my very first comparative higher education class almost 2 years ago. It was her first semester at UB as a Masters Comp. High Ed. student and I was still finishing my last semester in Sociolinguistics at the Masters level. Needless to say, an amazing friendship resulted from that class which both the Kenyan and Malaysian was in and we have been inseparable in classes, conferences and going out for movies ever since.

I am so glad that Mary is staying on for her Doctorate. This means that she will still be there for me, and I for her in all the struggles we will both will face in our dissertations. This Friday morning at Center for the Arts was the graduation ceremony for all graduating students from the Graduate School of Education and here are the pictures with Mary as well as other graduating friends.

DSCN7506 DSCN7511
Congratulations on your graduation Mary!

DSCN7494 DSCN7478 DSCN7495
Tomoka and Sherene cheering on for Mary at the graduation ceremony.

DSCN7503 DSCN7500 DSCN7499 DSCN7504
Rita, Tomoka and Sherene sharing the momentous occasion with Mary. Also graduating, Tammy from Taiwan and Kazuma from Japan.
Congratulations to all the graduates!!

Wesak Day...

Happy Wesak Day!!
It's Buddha's birthday today and if I were back home with my family today, it would be a public holiday... a few things we/I would do. Go to the temple to pray and light a lotus candle, bath the little buddha with fragrance water and flower petals, and go see the procession of the Buddha float downtown. I was just remembering how back in my high school days how I used to participate in the wesak day procession carrying one of the color flags representing the temple that I go to. That was some time a go! :P

Thursday, May 11, 2006

On Sher's plate...

I have been....
  • waking up early for work (I get in to the office at 7 a.m.)
  • hitting the gym
  • providing airport drop-offs & pick-ups
  • writing papers
  • attending graduation ceremonies
  • attending end of semester/academic year parties
  • shopping for gifts and items for my trip home
  • missing my dearie Peter

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Saturday in Markham, ON

Chele, Chee Ming and myself brought Mardiana up to Markham, Ontario with us yesterday. It was a sunny yet slight chilly day up north in neighboring Canada. Nevertheless, a great day for Dim Sum, shopping and a sushi buffet. Didn't take many pictures since we frequent the greater Toronto area quite often. However, we did manage to take some interesting shots of stuff...


I was out of Ribena (blackcurrant cordial) ... something I grew up with. So, it was only natural that I stock up with 4 bottles of them. Lots of vitamin C for me!!

IMG_0283 IMG_0285

This was interesting by itself!! Pocky for MEN... imagine that! And none for WOMAN.. how typically male-chauvinistic! HHmmphh!! Chee Ming was not interested in getting a box to try :P

IMG_0288 IMG_0289

Someone wrote the Caution sign on a wall in a parking wall garage and across from that garage was this VERY FAIR Chinese Restaurant.

Friday, May 05, 2006

ASEAN GSA end of year party

Leave it to Sher to throw a little party. This time, it's for the ASEAN GSA end of semester/year party for all members and friends. After holding on to the President position for two years, it was time to pass the torch to a new leader. Many thank yous to the committee and members for all your help and support. Friday evening was rockin' with plenty of yuumy food catered from Wegmans. Tip to self... Wegmans is an awesome caterer (that is if you can fork out a bit more moolah!)


DSCN7436 DSCN7440 DSCN7438 DSCN7437

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Busy time...

That's how I have been lately... last day of class was on May 1st and I am just frantic finishing up papers and preparing for a qualifying exam this end of May.

On top of that, plenty of files to be worked on at work... so, I sure am keeping myself busy. Very sorry if my postings are minimal... reason for this being, usually by the time I get home.. the only thing I want to do is plop down on my bed with the remote control in my hand.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Engagement news...

This just in... June sent an email. She and Kelvin are engaged!! Congratulations to you both and finally! I last saw June...well, ages ago! But, I met up with Kelvin in Boston this past February while attending a conference at Harvard where we went out for dinner.
So happy for the both of you!!
Dear June & Kelvin....
You two make a perfect duo... congratulations on your engagement!!
lotsa love, Sher & Pete